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Living in Japan: Culture Shock!

Duration: 11:11 Uploaded: 02 October 2012

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Living,in,Japan:,Culture,Shock! Culture Shock in Japan, Convenience and Sushi: I've now been in Japan two months and in this video I briefly describe the experience of culture shock and also discuss the theme of convenience in Japanese culture. ★★HELP US CONTINUE MAKING ORIGINAL, SARCASTIC VIDEOS FROM JAPAN (Patreon) ★ ★★ Choc Culturel au Japon, le côté pratique des choses, et les Sushi: Je suis au Japon depuis 2 mois maintenant et dans cette video je vous raconte brièvement ce qu’est le Choc Culturel et je vais parler aussi du côté pratique dans la culture Japonaise - I also stuff my face with Sushi for the benefit of education and even drop a chip in the cooker (that's neither a euphemism nor a metaphor - I literally did drop the bloody thing into the cooking hob and now I can't get the damn thing out). And why not check out for articles as well, including how to fail in a Tokyo Nightclub: And for regular updates and information there's the (NEW) Facebook and Twitter pages where I share my discoveries of Japan along the way (like KFC potato chips!): (NEW) TWITTER: (NEW) FACEBOOK: