Japanese Mail Order Brides: Your Path to a Perfect Wife

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Foreigners from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and European countries have always been interested in beautiful Japanese brides. Asian brides do not only look pretty but are highly educated and make some of the best life partners.

Average Japanese bride cost$5,000 to $20,000
Best Japanese dating sitesTheLuckyDate, AsianMelodies, EasternHoneys
Average Japanese dating site fees$50/month
Serious relationship with Japanese brides85%

Japanese dating has been popular over the last decade connecting western gentlemen with mail order pretty Japanese women. The choice of mail order bride services in Japan is huge, and they understand the high demand for men to find Japanese wife online and are willing to offer foreign guys the best wives possible.
This comprehensive article will answer questions of those single men who are interested to find Japanese mail order bride. You will learn about Japanese brides, the dating culture in this country, and what kind of life partners they become.

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What You Must Know About Japanese Brides Before Marry Her

Japanese Women
Beautiful Japanese Woman

A true Japanese woman is hard-working, intelligent, has life wisdom, and self-sufficient. Most Japanese brides provide for themselves and are not looking for men to support them financially. Japanese mail order brides take pride in having higher education and taking good job positions.

When you start dating a Japanese mail order bride, you get a responsible, smart, and confident woman who looks for love. They are incredibly hard-working and career-minded. It is important for Japanese woman to earn a good amount of money and know they do not depend on a man. Japanese mail order brides spend much time working, which can be a little problem for some family-oriented men.

Traditionally, Japanese women dominated the household. It was essential for a woman to become a good wife and take good care of her husband. In Japan, it used to be a tradition for parents to choose a future spouse for women. Fortunately, this tradition has faded away. However, you can still meet women whose decisions are dictated by their parents.

Nowadays, such marriages are still common as many Japanese beauties are happy to look after the house and raise kids while their partner online earns money and provides for the family. Mail order brides are women who sign up to be listed on marriage websites with the hope of being married to foreign men. These are many mail order brides looking for a husband who can provide them with financial security.

In modern Japan, more and more women tend to be independent and not rely on a man. Still, each case is unique, so you will find out what a woman you fancy wants and how she sees future marriage.

japanese wife
Beautiful Japanese Wife

Most Popular Japanese Women Profiles

Esumi 32 y.o.
Saito 28 y.o.
Web Developer
Hara 36 y.o.
Otonari 29 y.o.
Li 31 y.o.
Akina 26 y.o.

Japanese Marriages And The Role Of A Woman

Before you marry a foreign woman, it is undoubtedly a good idea to learn about marriage traditions and be aware of their customs. Some men are interested in whether it is legal to be married to two women in Japan. The answer is no. Unlike some countries that allow having two women, you can be married to one woman only.

Once you find a woman you would love to marry, it is essential to learn about Japanese wedding customs and traditions as it is taken seriously in Japan. Please read some of the important customs below:

Rating 9.9
Rating 9.7
Rating 9.5
  • It all starts with what a man and a woman wear. A Japanese bride wears a white dress and tuxedo at a Christian-style wedding and resplendent kimonos at a Shinto-style wedding. The groom’s kimono is five layers, with white inner layers and a solid black outer robe embroidered with the family crest.
  • The most popular tradition is the exchange of nuptial cups, called san san ku do. San means three, and ku means nine. So san san ku do mean three, three, and nine. Japanese men and future wife are supposed to drink sake three times each, from three different-sized sake cups.
  • Marriage before the God’s is another vital custom during a Japanese wedding. The ceremony is witnessed by close family and friends, and then followed by a reception in a banquet hall. Japanese mail order brides typically wear traditional clothing during the ceremony, which includes a white kimono and headdress.

Japanese bride is called Okusan, which also means ma’am. This is the most popular term for a wife. A foreign man would certainly impress the Japanese woman he likes if he says he would like her to be his Okusan.

japanese girls
Beautiful Japanese Girl

What Are Some Risks Of Marrying A Japanese Woman From Japan?

When single Japanese women marry foreigners the risks are always connected to different upbringing, mindset, religion, and values. Even though so many men from the western world marry Japanese mail order brides every year and dream of creating families with them, it is best to be aware of the issues you may face:

Japanese Women Rarely Move from Their Home Country

Many Japanese mail order brides prefer to live in Japan. If you want your Japan brides to relocate to the UK, US, or another country, this can be challenging. So consider an opportunity to move to Japan.

Your Sex Life Can Slow Down After You Have Kids

Some surveys show that 40% of married couples in Japan are almost sexless after having kids. Luckily, another 60% still have a satisfying sex life. It depends on foreign husband and sexy Japanese girl only.

Impressing a Japanese Girl’s Parents Will Make Your Life Easier

One of the issues that foreigners should be aware of is their relationship with their women’s parents. If you can make friends – good; if not, Japanese mail order brides will constantly try to influence your wife to leave you and find a better guy. After finding detailed information on being married to Asian beauties, you should be able to make a smarter decision and choose whether you still want to look for single ladies online.

japanese lady
Handsome Japanese Lady

Wrong Opinions Of Foreigners About Japanese Wives

There are many myths about beautiful Japanese women that can put many single guys looking for love in Asia off. Some of the wrong opinions of foreigners about Japanese mail order girlfriend are:

Japanese girls Are not Affectionate

This is one of the big myths. Asian mail order brides are affectionate, sweet, and romantic, but beautiful They need time to get used to a guy and trust him. Unlike hot and passionate Latin women who allow strangers to put their arms around their waists and kiss on the first date, Japanese brides are reserved and shy women.

They Looking for Sugar Daddies

You must have heard it about Thai women, but when it comes to Japanese mail order brides, they are self-sufficient and do not need financial support. These women search for loving, caring, and reliable men to build a family with.

japanese brides
Beautiful Japanese Bride

Advantages and Disadvantages of Japanese bride

It is easy to spot that the topic of having an Asian girl is trendy. Different forums, youtube channels, and articles discuss the advantages of marrying a beautiful Japanese bride. Most forum participants say that having local girls comes with more benefits as these women perfectly suit foreigners.

Asian ladies make the perfect wife for men who search for devoted and affectionate life partners. Attracting Japanese girls make great wives, and manage to take good care of the house, and know how to cook a delicious dinner which is always a bonus for a traditional man. Some men also say that Japanese women are submissive and prefer men to lead.

Among the disadvantages that forum users discuss is that sexy Japanese women tend to control all the money in the house as Asian girls believe they have a better idea of how to spend money, especially if you and your future Japanese wife have kids.

What you need to be aware of (which we already mentioned in the review) a foreign man sometimes faces the problem of Asian wives not being willing to move abroad. Those Japanese women for marriage who have kids especially do not want to move abroad but want to be close to their families, so their kids have the ability to spend time with grandparents and other family members.

Some men talk about their Japanese ex wife say the cultural difference played a big role which led to divorce. It should not shock you that Asian and Westerners have different priorities. Asian wives are much more family-oriented and can be boring for some western guys who love to go out and have fun.

There are certainly more advantages to marrying a Japanese woman as this woman is naturally beautiful like a girl from a magical art picture, devoted, suitable for family life, sincere, and caring. Those foreigners who do not see a problem of moving to Japan and actually want to go to Asia should be happy and content. Some of the pros and cons we found on being with a Japanese girlfriend are as follows:

Naturally attractive womenJapanese girls have very close relationship with their parents
Japanese brides are loyal as they are religious and take marriage seriouslyJapanese bride can be affected by their parents’ opinions
They make excellent housewives 
Japanese girls speak good English 

Tips To Get Japanese Mail Order Bride

So if you like the idea of meeting a hot Japanese woman, you need to know the right approach. The dating culture in Japan is different to the Western world, Latin America and Eastern Europe. So, you should know how to succeed in dating local wives when you visit Japan or join a local online platforms for dating:

  • When you meet Japanese women, be respectful. In western culture, it is normal to joke or even swear on the first date, but if you want to have a successful first date with a Japanese woman, show your good manners. Say kind words to a woman, pay attention to what a woman says and compliment a woman’s look before other guys do it.
  • Beautiful women from Japan will undoubtedly appreciate you asking questions about their families. As mentioned earlier, women are close to their families. On the first date, ask a woman about her parents and siblings and how the woman likes to spend time together. You may learn about exciting customs and admire a woman’s culture.
  • If you aim to create a happy marriage with a Japanese woman, you must tell a woman that you are interested in her only and willing to compromise. If you want to date a few Japanese ladies simultaneously, this will not go well. These women are jealous, and they want to be treated with respect (just like they treat men they are interested in).

The key to succeeding on the first date and when building a relationship with a foreign woman is to be patient. Do not think that some of your pickup lines will work for a foregn woman, as people can take it as an offense. If you two can compromise and be patient with w foeign wife due to differences, you have a high chance of being happily married. Just do not make the same mistakes a Japanese man makes with a woman: not spending much time with his wife and expecting her to be a housewife. Japanese husbands rarely show them affection which makes Japanese girls looking for love online.

find japanese wife
Japanese Wife

Where You Can Find a Genuine Japanese Bride: Experts vs Users Opinion

If you like Asian women, then you are reading the right article. These wives are the finest you could ever imagine. Local brides offer so many positives for your life, it is no wonder why thousands of singles from America marry these beauties. Local women offer men from the west a subservient partner who will respect them. There are some fabulous cities you can meet these Asian beauties in. The hottest woman live in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. The best places to locate Japan women are listed below.

  • Shopping malls – When you visit malls you see lots of women, and the chances of meeting Asian ladies is great. The many shops are a fantastic place to chat with single women. One of the biggest and best shopping malls to meet hot Japanese women is LaLaport in Tokyo which you can check out here.
  • Night clubs – They are an excellent place to pick up women. Here you will find horny young women looking for an international man. So many western men desire these fine wives, that it is just a matter of time until they find one
  • Cafes – There are no better places than cafes to chat with good looking women from Japan. As most Japanese women love to drink coffee and tea, these this cafe is the right spot a nice girl
  • Restaurants – there is little doubt that a good restaurant is a good place to get a woman in Japan. Eating is something women enjoy and a brilliant place to chat with many Japanese women.

These are some excellent locations to find a beautiful woman from Japan. There are some tips when you meet these women. Remember that Japanese ladies are reserved people who enjoy following their man. They are more than happy following their partner. Japanese mail order brides expect the man to always lead the conversation and everything else. You have the chance to feel like a real man with Japanese women. This is something that you will not get with western wives nowadays.

It is well advised to be polite and be a good listener when you meet these women. You will have some cultural differences, but you will be able to connect. Women from Japan are kind-hearted women who are very intelligent. You will find that Japanese women are caring and eager to chat with foreign men. They tend to look up to those men from western countries. It is a joy for them to meet men from America and Europe. So as a man from these places, you need to be kind and caring. You do not want to act desperate if you want a beautiful Japanese wife online. By joining a club or gym in Japan, you can meet lots of people. This is a fabulous way to meet new women. Japanese women enjoy meeting new people, especially those from other countries. Japanese brides are eager to learn new things from new people. If you join a club for sports or language in Japan, you can easily chat with new Japanese girls.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Japanese Wives?

If you want to find a Japanese mail order wife, you can pay and use Japanese dating establishments online. There is no better way to smoothly find Japanese mail order wives. It is a convenient route to happiness with a Japanese girlfriend. The cost of a stunning Japanese brides depends on many factors. Check out the info below for all the relevant information on Japanese mail order wives.

The True Price on Mail Order Women Sites

The cost of these dating platforms depends on what features you want to use. Many establishments use a credit system for payment. So to find Japanese girl is accessible through a reliable dating platform. Please review the following paid Japanese mail order wives services below:

  • Virtual gifts
  • Video chats
  • Text messages
  • Request contacts
  • Translation services

Total: Up to $50 per month These features above will give you a great shot to meet Japanese women. These are the features you want to look for when you are picking a dating establishment to use. You can use either a credit payment where you only pay for the services you want to use. Or you can pay a monthly fee to use the website. japanese girlfriend

Mail Order Women Cost: Offline Expenses

People are never sure whether it is better to look for dates through an online dating site. Or is it better to date offline. There are things you need to consider when deciding to meet Japanese mail order wives. If you date offline, you will have expenses. There are many women who like the idea of eating in expensive restaurants and going to nightclubs. All of these activities cost money. The list below includes some of the features associated with Japanese mail order wives online dating:

  • Travel expenses
  • Relocation expenses
  • Wedding expenses
  • Gifts
  • Restaurants
  • Interpreter

Total: $5,000 min In Japanese society, respect is fundamental. Japanese ladies will always consider those they admire. So dating through a dating platform will allow you to filter for the perfect single. If you use dating service to chat with Japanese bride online,  you will have a host of gorgeous women waiting for you online. The average price of these establishments is between $5,000 to $20,000 to find foreign brides. This is money well spent and well worth every penny.

Success Stories of Japanese woman and American man

Success Story #1 Image
Alex and Himari EasternHoneys logo
Before I met Himari, I was skeptical of these romantic tales. Since then, my life has been full with unforgettable moments and happy experiences. We have never stopped chatting since we stumbled into one other's profiles on a mail-order brides website. It's been about three years since our wedding, and I still can't believe I married such a wonderful woman.
Success Story #2 Image
Kyle and Sakura AsianMelodies logo
Over the past decade, I've been in and out of relationships, but I've decided it's time to settle down. However, I was unable to locate a woman with whom I would have want to spend the rest of my life. But it was till I met Sakura. This woman's first message made me pleased. Despite the fact that we've only been together for a year, she is my sunshine and makes me the happiest.

Mail Order Wives Pricing In Different Popular Regions Of Brides

When you are thinking of using a mail order brides service, you want to first be sure what type of woman you want. Many international marriage websites give you a list of fabulous women you can choose from. The list below gives you an idea of what type of ladies you can find and the cost associated with them. The best thing about using dating establishments is there are few time wasters, which makes dating so much easier.

 Plane ticket priceHotel expensesFood, drinksEntertainmentMin cost of a wedding
Japanese women$1,200$2,500$1,000$1,000$1,000
Ukrainian women$600$1,500$500$700$2,000
Brazilian women$300$300$400$600$3,000

So as you can see from the table above the costs can add up when dating different types of women. It is japanese singles which cost the most compared to many other nationalities.

meet japanese women
Meet Japanese Women

Real Experience Of International Marriage With Japanese Bride

When you marry a Japanese girl, you will have to compromise like with any relationship. It is all about good communication and honesty. If you can openly talk to each other about your wants and needs, it will lead to such a situation that is positive for everyone. The Japanese culture is a great culture which is all about respect, so your marriage should always have this in it. The women in Japan do not mind getting married at a young age. It is not uncommon for international men to marry their Japanese dates when they are in their mid-twenties.

Because international marriages are prevalent nowadays, online dating sites are ideal. You can sit at home on your comfy sofa chatting to numerous single girls. It can help you lead a happily married life very quickly and efficiently. You will not believe how simple and smooth the process will be. Unfortunately for Japanese ladies, Japanese men do not treat them with enough care. This makes these delicate ladies look to western men for partners. Japanese brides like the way western men make women feel. Japanese brides enjoy being with true gentlemen rather than local men who treat them like second-class citizens. As Japanese family is important to most Japanese ladies. It is what Japanese mail order brides were born to do in life. Many men from the US want to meet ladies on the Korean peninsula. These ladies are super hot and love international men. See American experience on marrying Japanese.


You will not believe how easily you can be part of Japanese marriages online. You need to register on a good dating site, and you will not be far away from a wedding ceremony. If you want to meet a girl online, this article should have helped you with some ideas. A Japanese husband is not so attractive to many Japanese girls. So Japanese brides search for a foreign husband via dating platforms. They are desired not only for their great looks but their amazing kindness. International men do not want western brides anymore; there are far more benefits in foreign women like these wives.

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