Guide to Japanese Wife Culture

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Over the last few decades, Japanese women have become some of the most desired women for marriage. Asian women have always been known as traditional wives who know how to make their partners’ lives better. Japanese wife culture proves that local brides make perfect wives for Western men who want love. It is true that with a local lady, you will feel like the happiest man in the world.

Japanese Wife Culture – Perfect Wife for a Western Man

A woman from Japan makes some of the best wives. They are taught to be great housewives from a young age. They follow their grandmothers and mothers who teach them how to clean, cook and look after the family. Japanese women are very hard-working, so they make excellent wives for Western bachelors.

Girls from Japan are romantic and sincere. They treat men with much love and respect, making them feel comfortable. Japanese mail order brides make perfect girlfriends and wives as they make men feel special. They pay attention to what their partners like, so if you like some meal, your Asian spouse will treat you to it as often as you want. The role of a Japanese wife is to support her husband and make his life easier. Unfortunately, this is lost in the West; this is why American and European men join Asian dating sites and want to find perfect wives there.

Japanese mail order brides are often sought out by Western men who are looking for a traditional wife. Japanese culture places a great emphasis on the role of women as homemakers and mothers, and many Japanese women take great pride in their ability to manage a household. As a result, Japanese wives are often very skilled at managing both the home and the family.

They are also known for their loyalty and devotion to their husbands, which is a quality that is highly prized in Western cultures. In addition, Japanese wives typically possess excellent communication skills and are able to maintain a strong connection with their husbands even when they live in different countries. For these reasons, Japanese wives make perfect partners for Western men who are looking for a traditional and loving wife.

Date in Japanese Culture: Differences Between Japanese and American Dating

Dating Japanese and American women have many differences, which you should know. Below you can review the list of the biggest differences:

  • In the local dating culture, you should pay for your Japanese partner. In this country, women enjoy the attention and allow men to pay for themselves. They do not have such a big ego as women in the West and do not consider themselves feminists.
  • You will spend a lot of time with your wife’s family. In Eastern culture, family is a priority. Even when you create your own family and have children, you will still be expected to meet your Japanese woman’s family. Also, older adults expect their relatives to help them and look after them. In the West, a woman would deal with her elderly parents herself, but in the East, you should also help your wife and her family.
  • Attitude to sex is also different in Japan. While in the West, sex is just fun and does not mean anything, in Japan is means serious intentions. Some people in Japan do not have sex before marriage. However, modern women and men try to avoid such tight restrictions. Still, sex means a serious relationship, so you should forget about a one-night stand.
  • Now you must understand how dating and relationships work in the East. They seem strict, but once you meet a good-looking girl who will start treating you with care and love, you will respect her traditions. It is all about compromise in an international marriage.
  • The average age of dating in Japan is about 25, while in the West, it is between 16 and 18. Japanese women strive to get an education and find a well-paid job. They do not rush to start a relationship as they look for meaningful connections only.
Japanese Wife Culture

Characteristics of Japanese Women

Let us introduce you to Japanese women’s characteristics as foreigners often think of these women as mysterious. They seem shy and reserved at first, but they are passionate, generous, and respectful women.

Naturally Beautiful

When you meet Japanese mail order wives, you will not want to take your eyes off them. They look pure; they have soft skin, pretty eyes, puffy lips, shiny dark hair, and lovely petite bodies. Local beauty standards include light, flawless skin, a slim, petite figure – a perfect description of girls that you will find at popular dating sites and apps. These women look very gentle, so it is no wonder why so many American men want to date these lovely females.

Great Servants

One of the main characteristics of Japanese wives is that they like to serve people. They are not forced to serve, but they enjoy it. They have caring nature, so they become great mothers and wives. By marrying an Asian bride, you will feel like a king. She will cook your favorite meals, she will make the atmosphere comfortable at home, and she will treat you with much respect.


Japanese women are some of the most feminine women in the world. They like dresses, skirts, high heels, so they catch men’s eyes on them. Compared to American girls, Japanese women look like princesses; therefore, Western men want to date these women and marry them. You will not see women who wear furisode outside like ages ago, but you may see your wife wearing this amazing dressing at home.


You will undoubtedly notice that Japanese women look younger than their Western peers. It is not only genetics but their healthy lifestyle. Local women eat healthy food rich in vitamins. They are also active, so you will never see an obese woman in this country.


Japanese women have great communication skills, so you will enjoy chatting with these women through a dating site or in real life. These girls may seem shy and reserved at first, but once you get to know them, you will find how talkative and flirty they are.

What You Need to Know Before Marrying a Japanese Woman

Before you decide to marry a bride from Japan, you should know some of the challenges you may face during your marriage with a Japanese woman. For example, Japanese women are very close to their parents. They respect their parents and often take their advice. Even before marriage, your Japanese woman will take her parent’s advice about you. If, for some reason, her parents do not like you, building a relationship will be difficult. In Japanese culture, the final decision is always after older people as they are mature and experienced. Foreigners often find it strange as in the West, every person has the right to express their decision, and it will be respected. However, in the East, things work differently. So, you should be prepared that your wife will spend a lot of time with her family members.

Date Japanese Girl

How to Date a Japanese Girl?

First of all, you will be in luck if you decide to date beautiful Japanese ladies. It is shocking, but local girls rarely find local girls cute. They like foreigners much more and love the idea of dating Western guys. You will not find it difficult to find a good-looking Japanese mail order bride, but when it comes to dating her, you may face some issues. So, let’s look through challenges that foreigners usually have to deal with when starting a relationship with Asian brides.

  • Start with a “confession”

In local dating culture, women and men start from a “confession”. After a couple of dates, young people have to tell each other about their feelings and see if they are mutual. If so, a man asks a woman to become his girlfriend, and this is how dating starts in Japan. Many foreigners do not know about this exciting tradition. You will certainly surprise your Japanese woman with your knowledge and gain her trust.

  • Be affectionate

In comparison to American girls, Japanese women seem needy. Many Japanese girls want their partners to tell them several times a day how much they love them. Local brides believe that Western guys are affectionate and expect them to kiss, hug and cuddle all the time. So, if you decide to start dating a single girl from Japan, remember to be affectionate and show your feelings. If you visit Tokyo, Kyoto, or Osaka, you will often see a Japanese couple kissing and holding hands in public.

  • Respect her family

As we have already discussed, Japanese women are very close with their parents. They take their advice, they see them often, and they help them when they become older. As a parent’s opinion means a lot for local girls, they also trust parents’ opinions when it comes to their boyfriend. So, you should try your best to make them like you and accept you.

  • Offer to pay for marriage

Usually, in local culture, the bride’s family pays for Japanese marriage. Sometimes both families pay for it. If you want your future wife’s parents to like you, offer to pay for the wedding ceremony and celebration. If you have good manners, you are likely to be admired by your date’s parents.

  • Treat your girlfriend to gifts

Asian women remind of Slavic brides who love attention and presents. When you date Japanese woman, treat her to gifts like clothes, jewelry, or take her for a meal. It does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money on dating a local bride. It is your effort that will be admired, not your money.

Best Place to Meet Japanese Women

There are three ways to meet mail order Japanese brides: through a dating site, through a friend or colleague, or by traveling to Japan yourself. Most foreigners choose online dating as this is the easiest and most convenient way. There is a great number of mail order bride services that focus on helping single Asian women and Western men to mxfeet and build meaningful relationships. If you can not afford to move to Japan and live there for a few months until you meet a local bride, join a reliable dating service.

Now you know how dating culture works in Japan and what dating tips will help you to conquer the heart of a beautiful Easter lady.


Is it Easy to Find a Wife in Japan?

Finding a Japanese spouse is easy if you know how dating works in this country. If you can accept that Japanese women spend a lot of time with their family and want their partners to be affectionate, then you will not have problems with finding a wife in this country; Japan is full of beautiful Japanese ladies who desire to marry foreigners.

Can You Have 2 Wives in Japan?

No. Polygamy is illegal in Japan. By Japanese marriage law, a man can marry only one woman. The male partner must be 18 years of age or older, and the female partner must be 16 years of age or older. People under 20 years of age can not get married without a parent's approval in this country.

How Is Married Life in Japan?

Those Westerners who married Japanese girls say they made the best decision in their lives. They enjoy their family life with local brides as they have a happy and content life. They respect local traditions and feel satisfied being married to such generous, caring, and loving women as Japanese.

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