Are Japanese Women Submissive? 

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Lately, men have developed a keen sexual preference for Japan women. Men like Asian women so much that for some it even becomes a fetish. Some even ask the question “Are Japanese women submissive?” There are many dating sites where men show their sympathy to those ladies, thus they are increasingly seen as desirable partners. So let’s find the answer to this question “are Japanese women submissive?”

Statistics About Submissive Japanese Girls

Recent data analyzing users of Facebook dating apps showed that men of all racial groups like submissive Japanese girls the most, except, oddly enough, Japan men. Men recommend their single friends to date submissive Japanese girls because, in their opinion, they are much more sexually open than other girls. Part of this popularity of submissive Japanese women has to do with aesthetics, as a study conducted by Cardiff University in 2012 on attractiveness found that East Asian women scored the highest, while East Asian men, on the contrary, were at the very bottom of the attractiveness rating for other people.

Serving to Their Man

Japanese culture teaches girls from an early age that the man is in charge of the house and the woman is the helper who takes care of him. This position is not of a servant but of a loving housewife. Thus, taking care of a husband becomes the main occupation of a Japanese woman, along with housekeeping and child-rearing, which means that the life of such families is more harmonious, unlike couples where a strong woman gets along with a passive man.

Cultural Influence

Japanese countries, where patriarchy still reigns, have their own culture of bringing up girls, they are taught from childhood to keep house, obey men and bring up children. A Japanese wife will not bicker with her husband and will assume that he knows best.

A special role in the behavior of an adult Japan woman is the large overcrowding of the population. It is not uncommon for children of different sexes of all ages to live in the same room, thus submissive Japanese women are less shy than women of other races. Keep reading to find more info and find the answer to “are japanese women submissive?”

Are Japanese Women

Are Japanese Women Submissive to Foreigners?

The Asians are a closed society, and many Japanese refuse to acknowledge children born to mixed marriages as Japanese. Despite all of this intolerance and national pride, Japan’s birth rate is declining, the population is aging, and local females prefer to date foreigners. There are a variety of reasons why Japan women prefer immigrants to their domestic counterparts. So, are Japanese women submissive to the extent everyone thinks of them?

Japanese Men Don’t Want to Marry

We’ve come across the misconception that Japan men are primarily solitary and relationship-phobic. It isn’t entirely correct, but it doesn’t affect the argument. Many of them enjoy one-night stands. Because of a lack of time, significant expenditures, and other factors, they do not enter long-term partnerships. Taking a realistic attitude, they just do not want to burden themselves.

The Looks

Foreigners are viewed as substantially more beautiful by a big majority of submissive singles. They emphasize the fact that, unlike Japan, foreigners are more concerned with their appearance, whereas many Asian men do not perceive the need to go to the gym. It should be acknowledged that this is a personal perspective, which might simply be a taste for “exoticism” which fades rapidly.

Romantic Options

The Japan people are notoriously sparing with their emotions. Many Japanese women like to keep their feelings to themselves, only going full out in the presence of friends on rare occasions. Many single local women believe that foreigners are far more romantic than Japanese men and that their demeanor and romantic attitude set them apart from the others.

Respectful attitude

Men are in charge in Japanese society. Men’s opinions are frequently valued significantly higher than women’s. Some Japanese prefer to dismiss their other halves’ opinions entirely. According to some Japanese sociologists, there are two categories of Japanese males. The one is scared of relationships, while the second is in control of them, oppressing their partner in every way they can. These claims are undoubtedly exaggerated, yet they do include some truth. Now, you should have a better understanding of the answer to the question of “are Japanese women submissive?”

Dating a Japanese Girl

It seems much easier for non-Japanese guys to find a Japanese date than for non-Japanese girls because girls in this country are more likely to want to date foreigners. If you stand up and look around in Japan, you can see with your own eyes that this is the case. Even outside the country, the situation will be the same.

How often do you meet a foreigner+Japanese couple? And a foreigner+Japanese person? It is unlikely, maybe even never. Part of the reason is that submissive Japan girls are usually more open to relationships with foreigners than guys. So if you’re a guy, it will probably be much easier for you to meet your love in Japan.

Quite often, though not surprisingly, guys meet their sweethearts through the English language, whether it’s English school or club. Sometimes a girl can also come up on the train to practice her English.

Although, perhaps English is still not so important to start a relationship. It’s just that most foreigners in Japan are into learning, which is why there are so many romantic stories associated with it. However, many Asian wives also recalled other places where they first met. For example, “bar” and “internet” were mentioned quite often. So if you’re not very confident in your English, these options are just right for you.

Expectations of Submissive Japanese Ladies

First, you have to pay for everything…even if the girls can pay for it themselves. If you go out to dinner, be prepared to pay for your meal. No “we’ll split the bill in half.” You are the man, and YOU have to pay. Of course, there are exceptions, and some girls may even outright ask to buy them something, but it would be quite unusual.

There are also interesting differences in perception related to where you come from. For example, a lot of guys don’t expect girls to give them gifts often. Japan is a country where they give gifts a lot, so it’s kind of natural, but still, be prepared for this. Depending on the culture, expectations of “how a guy should behave” and “how a girl should behave” will differ.

Expressing Your Feelings

In general, people in Japan show their feelings in public (and in private too) much less than people in Western countries. Japanese spouses don’t often hold hands, hug, and kiss in public. Some guys complained that the first kiss happened much later than they expected. The first sex, though, came sooner than they might have thought.

In Japan, it is important to “understand your partner. This skill has developed in Asia partly so it’s hard to find a dominant Japanese woman. In a survey, many foreign guys complained that they found it difficult to understand the thoughts and feelings of their Japanese lover. This is because in Japan people usually do not talk about their feelings directly. This was because people in Japan usually do not talk about their feelings directly.

submissive japanese wife

Mind Reading

In Japan, you will be expected to understand other people’s feelings and read their thoughts, while they will not show them in any way. Submissive Japanese women learn this throughout their lives, while Europeans usually say everything straight out, so this “skill” is rarely observed. Many men said that they felt that the submissive girl was cold to them, but it was a common behavior of the average Japanese woman.

They expected that guys would understand everything that was going on in their minds. When a girl is upset about something, she will never say it outright, and there can be problems if a guy doesn’t notice that something is wrong. In cases like this, it’s important to be able to pick up on submissive Japanese girl’ hints.

If you overlook them, you’ll think there’s nothing special going on, while your girlfriend will start to think you’re an insensitive egomaniac. Some have had conversations about this problem with their Asian lovers, and it has helped.

Tips on How to Seduce Submissive Japanese Girls

Do you have to win a woman if you don’t know what to do with her next? Naturally! You need to get pumped up, learn and gain experience so that you can then easily seduce any girl you like. We have gathered for you all the most important nuances.

What not to do:

  • Listen to everything she says. Not in the sense that you just don’t care what a submissive Japanese wife is talking about, but in the sense that the words don’t always match what she wants to say. Let’s agree that it’s not easy to be able to read between the lines. You need time to master the superpower of understanding a woman’s innuendo. But once you learn, you’ll be timed better than any man, because you’ll understand everything a woman means.
  • Being overwhelmed with thoughts. From the first minutes of acquaintance to being loaded with thoughts of marriage and children is not necessary, even if you liked her. Japanese submissive girls love to try on the guy’s name right away, so leave this fun to them. Don’t worry about how your acquaintance will go. Did she say no? Good, draw conclusions and try to be even better next time. Did she say yes? Great, keep working on it.

Meeting the Family of Submissive Japanese Singles

“Meeting her family” seemed extremely intimidating to many at first, but eventually it turned out to be no big deal. Many parents are very nice, hospitable, and won’t try to kill you in your dreams for meeting their precious submissive loca;.

Getting to know the family is the least of your worries. Getting to know the other party’s parents was usually more of a problem, as they would begin to worry that their child would never come home again after marrying a Japanese woman (sometimes it did).

Communication with Submissive Japanese Ladies

In Asian culture, communication is often done without words (fortunately no chips built into the brain are used for this). You should be able to read your Japanese submissive’s feelings and desires from his or her behavior. Perhaps those who have had longer relationships with Japanese women realized this point early enough. Or maybe the Japan lover realized at some point that she needed to be more direct with her foreign boyfriend.

It could also be partly a matter of English. Of course, the foreigner must have studied Japanese and that also helps. However, given that many relationships of this kind begin through English (schools, meetings, clubs, etc.), we can assume that the girls will enjoy communicating in English, especially since they’ll learn it better that way than their girlfriends. It’s the same with guys, it is, both partners begin to learn each other’s languages better.

What Else is There?

To make friends with a local submissive woman, you need to know at least approximately what Japanese girls are interested in in the first place. There are universal rules that will make Japanese women submissive. Also, submissive Japanese girls are very fond of money and all sorts of entertainment. This is why they usually tolerate Japanese husbands, who, although they do not help physically, provide for almost any whims of their Japanese wives.

Not all Japanese women wear mundane clothing. They are very fond of shopping. And shopping can often go to other countries, such as Europe, for example. They like to go to expensive restaurants, cafes, and other expensive entertainment, which is sometimes just a beautiful wrapping of everyday life.

So if you have a lot of money – it makes things a lot easier. But in general, you can try the budget variant, but in brands and restaurants you have to know at least theoretically, otherwise, you won’t be able to keep the conversation and make submissive acquaintances.

Additional Info About Submissive Japanese Women

You can charm a local submissive woman by telling her about some exotic dish, she will be interested in it. Japanese women like to drink and don’t mind drinking every day. If you chose a local woman, be prepared for this turn of events.

Moreover, even married Asian women can easily go out in the evening to the bar with unknown husband’s acquaintances, and to restrict such women’s freedom is impossible. But her husband can go out drinking with his friends at least until morning. This is Japanese personal freedom. Japanese women do like to drink. Therefore, during the courtship period, a local woman can easily be interested in offering her something to drink.


We hope you now have a better idea of how to meet Japanese submissives and how to do it in the most effective way possible. Of course, the efficacy of creating a relationship is primarily determined by the personalities of the two individuals involved, but if you follow all of the above tips, your chances of winning a local woman’s heart will improve tenfold.

Keep in mind that representatives from other countries may hold opposing viewpoints on some issues. Respect your lifelong partner’s perspective, and attempt to display as many of your excellent attributes as possible. Are Japanese women submissive? They are, and in the best way possible.

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