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Japanese culture today is one of the most unusual and exciting in the world. Millions of people worldwide are surprised how the people of Japan manage to preserve centuries-old traditions and transform them into the peculiarities of the modern world. In addition, their works of art are always incredibly bright and colorful, extremely emotional, while Japanese women are distinguished by restraint and obedience.

A Few Words About Japan

Japan is an island country in the Pacific Ocean, which, despite its small size and frequent natural disasters, has a vast population and one of the best economies in the world (ranked third in the world).

For a long time, Japan developed separately from the rest of the world and was a closed state that did not maintain contact with the outside world. It allowed the country to create a unique Japanese culture, unlike what we see among Europeans or Americans.

Japan has a small area but a huge population, which leads to the emergence of huge cities. “Greater Tokyo,” which includes the capital of Japan, Tokyo, is one of the largest urban agglomerations globally, with more than 30 million inhabitants. Japan occupies one of the top places in the development of innovative technologies. People who come to Japan for the first time think they are in a parallel world or the future. People of Japan created huge skyscrapers, high-tech car parks, and unusual pedestrian bridges in Japan to save space. It helps to simplify even a little life in such a vast “anthill.”

Women work very hard. As a result, in big cities, you can often find people sleeping on public transport. Considering that Japanese women here often overwork, sit at work until late at night, they do not have enough time for regular sleep. Local authorities make sure that the metro works with great accuracy. So, Japanese girls know what time their carriage arrives and can set an alarm clock to not oversleep.

Dating a Japanese Girls

Japanese girls are real workaholics. In Japan the term “karoshi” was introduced – death from working. They started talking about it for the first time at the end of the twentieth century, and today it is a big problem for society. In 2015, more than 2,000 people in Japan died from a huge workload. If this happens, then the family of the deceased gains a considerable reputation. No matter how the local authorities in Japan try to rectify the situation, it has not been possible. They love to work so much that they are not afraid even of overtime fines.

Japan became the only country against which the United States of America used nuclear weapons. It was a massive blow to the country. After the defeat of Japan in World War II, the American army entered Japan, which helped the country move from a monarchy to a unitary state and write a constitution. Such events greatly influenced people’s consciousness in Japan, and they had to rebuild their economy, which led to the problem of workaholism. In addition, Japan gave up the right to be the first to declare war but continues to have a large enough army to defend the country in an attack, and it is also used in peacekeeping missions.

Innovative technologies are entirely transferred to the everyday life of Oriental women. Almost every apartment in Japan has a Smart Home system, which they can control using smartphones. At first glance, such technologies seem unusual and even unnecessary, but given the work schedule of the Japanese women, they try to do everything to minimize housework.

The national religion of Japan is Buddhism, which is reflected in the worldview of a person. A Japanese girlfriend loves to be alone with her thoughts, reads a lot, and does everything to care for her loved ones. She is very peaceful.

Japanese Culture

At first glance, Japanese culture is unlike anything you’ve seen before. There are differences in everything:

  • Architecture;
  • Clothes;
  • Theater;
  • Music;
  • Poetry.

In Japan, the national symbol is the sacred Mount Fujiyama, which they depict in various art forms.

The national dress of Japanese girls is a kimono. You can still find Japanese girls wearing the same makeup and clothing as they did hundreds of years ago in many old neighborhoods. When it comes to urban areas of Japan, local women dress incredibly brightly. They love different colored dresses and skirts and use a lot of costume jewelry. At first glance, such a dress style seems too bright, but gradually you get used to it.

It is challenging to meet young Japanese girls here in very short mini-skirts or with a revealing neckline. It is due not only to modesty but also to the high rate of rape in the big cities in Japan.

Japanese ladies know how to cook deliciously. The main ingredients of the dishes in Japan are rice and seafood. The meat is quite expensive, so it is bought only on major holidays. Despite the limited food availability, local women have learned how to cook various incredibly delicious dishes that will enchant every man’s heart.

As for family traditions, the Japanese men are at the head of the family, bear responsibility for it, and make most decisions independently. A woman can work and earn on an equal footing with a man, but homework and taking care of children, in any case, fall on her shoulders. Japanese chicks are an example of patience and dedication. She is solid and wise. A man should also raise children, but here he acts as a mentor who can give advice, but he will not look after the child as a mother does. Now Japan is experiencing a demographic crisis. More and more families choose to be child-free, as cities do not have the necessary infrastructure for the harmonious development of children, and they have to sacrifice work.

The Difference In Mentality

At first glance, Western Culture is very different from Japanese women. However, practice shows that they adapt very quickly to the United States. It is mainly because social and cultural differences do not have such an immense significance for them.

For Japanese girls, living in large cities in America seems too slow, and people are too relaxed and cheerful, but gradually they learn to enjoy life.

What To Expect From A Marriage With Japanese Women?

In Japanese culture, the family occupies a considerable place. Even though the world is changing rapidly, family customs here have remained practically unchanged for several centuries. In Japan, children born out of wedlock are not acceptable. People in Japan do not recognize same-sex marriage.

In addition, in Japan, you can still find marriages by agreement between the bride and groom’s parents. As a result, the number of happy marriages made for love is relatively tiny in Japan. Often, the main reason for a wedding is the bride’s pregnancy.

In Japan, divorces are also not welcome, and people have to live with a person they do not like all their lives. Local brides often do not want to put up with this state of affairs, so they try to find a kindred spirit in a foreign country. Usually, Japanese girls prefer American men because their income is about the same or better than in other countries, and the difference in mentality is not so huge.

Family life with Asian women will seem a natural paradise to an American man because the Japanese girls will have time to work and bring insufficient income, ideally running a household. Japanese girls love order always and in everything. As a result, you get an immaculate house, ironed and washed clothes, and delicious food.

Marriage With Japanese Women

Many American men are intimidated by the refusal of many Japanese women to have a child, but here it is necessary to consider the main reason for this decision. If your city has good infrastructure – kindergartens, schools, numerous groups for the child’s development, and you have the opportunity to hire a nanny who will look after the baby when the mother leaves for work, then there will be no problems. They love children and want to give them all the best.

From an early age, Japanese girls are taught to build a harmonious relationship with a man. As a result, in Japan, they will not challenge their husband’s opinion, seek to earn more than he does or accuse him in every possible way. In families, respect for each other often reigns here, allowing maintaining the marriage for a long time.

Among the main advantages of marrying Japanese girls are:

  • The unusual beauty of the chosen one;
  • Well-established life;
  • A woman knows what she wants and achieves her goals;
  • Full trust and acceptance of each other.

Western women care more about their ambitions, work, and friends than about their families. Of course, a Japanese woman will remain a workaholic, but she will devote a lot of time to her family and respect her chosen one. If there is respect for each other in a relationship, then they are doomed to success.

Where Can You Meet Japanese Girls?

You can meet Japanese girls directly during a trip to the Land of the rising sun or on numerous dating sites. The choice depends on many indicators, for example, on the ability to apply for a visa in Japan.

Online dating a Japanese girl is a good solution for creating a solid family and finding a real-life partner in their wife. You will find many profiles of girls who want to change their lives and find a soul mate on the dating site.

As a rule, Japanese women know English and some other languages, but sometimes translation services may be required. Most dating sites in Japan provide this service.

A man can contact a woman only after registering and replenishing his account. It usually does not take much time, and the subscription price does not exceed 50 USD per month (if you subscribe for 6 or 12 months, then the cost will decrease significantly).

On dating sites, you can chat or have video communication. Also, you can assign fies date. You can see a bride live during a trip to Japan or if the Japanese woman agrees to come to you. It is essential to understand that the second option is not very likely, as the Japanese woman will want to introduce you to her family before starting a strong relationship. It is another feature of Japanese culture because parents play a huge role for any girl.

How To Win The Heart Of Japanese Girls?

At first glance, they may seem unapproachable and cold to a western man. It is not the case. If they can melt the ice, they will see a caring and docile woman.

When first dating Japanese women, the future spouse should be discreet and polite. It is unlikely that a Japanese woman will be able to quickly open up and entrust you with intimate secrets, so you should be patient. Here are some tips on how to capture the heart of a Japanese girl:

  • Don’t talk about sex before you meet in real life;
  • Speak well of your and her family;
  • Tell her about your merits at work or in education;
  • Give expensive gifts.

The basis of life in Japan is work and family values, and as a result, if you demonstrate to a Japanese woman that these two moments are as essential for you as for her, then we can assume that dating Japanese girls will be successful.

Be prepared that the Japanese woman wants to introduce you to her parents (not necessarily live, but via video communication). Try to please them, because their opinion plays a considerable role.

How To Date Japanese Women?

The culture and customs of Japan are considerably distinct from those of other countries. Even more so, dating a Japanese woman differs significantly from Western dating culture. Local ladies are used to a particular type of wooing and want unique treatment. How can you get the attention of Japanese females and have a successful date with them? Here are some Japanese woman dating suggestions.

Take the Initiative And Be the First to Respond

How can you win a Japanese woman’s heart? Take control of the situation! Japanese women to date do not initiate phone calls or send text messages. Although, in the Western world, it is common for a woman to start conversations and invite a man out on a date. In Asian countries, this is unusual. That does not sit well with the Japanese. Japanese girl dating still follows the classical model and feels that a gentleman should take charge of his own affairs. So don’t worry; your initiative will only benefit you. The most important thing for you to do is to remain open while being persistent. You must make the lady feel at ease around you so that she would open up to you. Don’t go overboard and don’t become obnoxious.

You Must Present Yourself in a Professional Manner

Everyone has heard the adage that people meet for clothing but spend on their thoughts. Women in Japan are no different, and they believe the same thing. They are preoccupied with a man’s attractiveness because they are preoccupied with their own looks. Japanese women for dating are continuously beautifying their face, hair, and keeping an eye on their figure. That’s why they’re always so gorgeous. As a result, they anticipate being surrounded by well-dressed and groomed males. You are not asked to accomplish something that is excessively difficult or abnormal for a man. It will be enough to have fresh breath, a decent haircut, and pressed clothes. All you have to do to date a Japanese girl is appear lovely, youthful, and stylish.

Please Don’t Be Late

There are no people on the earth that enjoy it when someone is late, we are certain. Japanese brides-by-mail, in particular, and all Japanese citizens, are preoccupied with arriving at a specific location on time. As a result, prepare ahead of time and make every effort to be on time. If it’s your first date, this is very crucial. After all, you only have one chance to make a good impression. It depends on whether or not your dating Japanese ladies will keep on. If you’re going to be late, always let her know. Don’t make up excuses if you don’t have any. It will not assist you; instead, it will only show you the worst.


If you love order, want to achieve a lot in your career, and find a wife who shares your values, then a Japanese woman is the perfect solution. You can meet your soulmate on numerous dating sites. The most favorable conditions for cooperation are created here, and the price of services is low.

Japan is a unique country where incredibly strong-willed and hard-working people live, who are distinguished by kindness, tenderness, and know how to take care.

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