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Have you been interested in Japanese women for a long time? And would you like to find a partner with whom you can spend your life? This article will tell you how to find a hottie from Japan and how to win her heart.

We did intensive research to clarify what women from Japan expect from a man. We immersed ourselves in their culture to learn more about their family values and cultural differences between Japanese wives and Western men.

The charm and erotic charisma of the Japanese women make many European men dream. Women from Japan, they believe, are dream women to marry, and many foreign men wish to marry lovely Japanese mail order wives.

Japanese Women – Dream Women to Marry

However, the cultural differences are considerable, and it isn’t easy to find access to Japanese society. If you dream of getting a Japanese wife and looking for hotties from Japan, we are here to help you with it.
The first thing you should know is that girls from Japan like to have an affair with a foreigner but prefer to marry a Japanese. Local culture is very alien to other cultures, and it won’t be easy to really understand each other.
Nevertheless, nowadays, the amount of intercultural marriages is increasing, so you still have chances of marrying one of the hot women from Japan. Lonely single men who are looking for an attractive Japanese woman wonder what mentality and typical characteristics ladies from Japan have. Basically, of course, every woman is different, regardless of which country she comes from. Lumping all women from Japan together should be avoided as much as possible, even if there may be typical characteristics and behavioral characteristics for ladies from a certain region. What is typical of Japanese women? Let’s find out.
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Typical Appearance of Japanese Girls

Let us first pay attention to the typical appearance of a woman from Japan: Japanese women are usually slim, small, and petite and are therefore often perceived as cute.
Her natural hair color is dark; her eyes are almond-shaped and also dark. A Japanese woman’s skin is often soft and light, as local Japanese wives are very fond of using lotions, creams, and cosmetic products of all kinds. These ladies are often perceived as “almond-eyed sweethearts.” Their behavior is often childish and cute. And it is precisely this combination of petite appearance and childlike, cute behavior that quite a few single men find very attractive, which is why they want to get to know women from Japan.

Typical Characteristics of Women From Japan

Japanese women usually long for a suitable partner to be with for their entire life. Once ladies from Japan have found their dream man, they give themselves to him with all their love and care.

They Like Order

Ladies from Japan love order, cleanliness, and punctuality. Courtesy is an important virtue in both women and men. Restraint and humility are often very important to women from Asian countries and women from Japan in particular.

They Are Loyal

Ladies from Japan are considered loyal. Her loyalty to her husband seems almost unshakable. But although Japanese ladies mostly idolize their husbands or partners, it is not appropriate to openly show feelings. In this way, outbursts of feeling, in particular, are often avoided.

While in Western countries, people tend to share their feelings and emotions with others, in Japan, it is considered a special virtue to hide feelings rather than reveal them to the outside world. Japanese women who show fear or similar feelings both privately and in public are classified as weak characters and quick to lose face.

If you are with a Japanese woman, you should consider this. So that the differences in mentality do not lead to disharmony and incomprehension.

They Are Stylish

Japanese women also have a strong understanding of how to dress elegantly and stylishly. Stylish clothing and an elegant, feminine appearance are a tradition in Japan.

A Japanese woman is usually also characterized by good behavior and impeccable manners. In Japan, emphasis is placed on tradition and family structure. The distribution of roles is particularly pronounced in Japan: men go to work, and women usually take care of their children and the household. According to local tradition, ladies who want to have children are almost obliged to marry a suitable man first.

Japanese Women Are Considered Humble and Shy

It is also noticeable that many women from Japan are reluctant and very shy. Even if younger Japanese women are considered playful and revealing, most Japanese women are still humble. So you rarely see physical contact and kissing in public in Japan. Local society is very conservative.

Upbringing Traditions

In upbringing, humility, control, and discipline are paramount. In Asian countries, especially Japan, enduring suffering is considered heroic. Most of the recognition in society is found in women who can control their personal emotions and who can appear with a smile even in the most severe internal crises.

Raising girls involves selflessness and a willingness to serve both society and one’s husband (life partner) from an early age. Even with severe crises in private life, their well-being is in the background; their own losses are therefore not to be considered as important. Because of this upbringing, many Japanese women consider humility, submissiveness, and gratitude as virtues of the highest importance.

Family life is incredibly important. In Japan, in particular, the family structure is of great importance. Another great thing about local ladies is once they have kids, they make excellent mothers. Unlike Western women, they are focused on family, which is great.

What Does a Japanese Woman Expect From Her Partner?

Most Japanese women long for a man who can take good care of them and their future family. Now that doesn’t mean running to the gym every day to get fitter physically. You should be confident, independent, open-minded, open-hearted, and mentally strong. You should give your partner support and ensure a harmonious coexistence.

Basically, Western European men are very popular with many women from Japan. They are different, and they are especially considered to be sovereign, self-confident, emotionally stable, reliable, and sensible. In addition, from the point of view of a petite Japanese woman, they are very tall and well built. These are qualities that most Japanese women love in a man.

Marry Japanese Women: Dating Service Will Help

We strongly advise against finding a partner on your own in Japan unless you’re looking for some sexual adventure in Japan. If you are interested in serious relationships, a reliable dating site or other online platforms of this type is the best choice.

With the help of one of the services, you can easily find Japanese mail order wives without even going out. As a rule, such platforms support multiple languages, so the language barrier will not be a problem. Plenty of sexy women from Japan are looking for a future spouse with the help of such platforms. So, if you are interested in Japanese marriage, like many foreign guys, your chances are pretty high.

Japanese Mail Order Wives

How to Conquer Japanese Mail Order Wives: Top Tips

The first thing you need to know is that many Japanese people are extremely shy. This is the main factor that prevents many relationships from developing. Japanese relationships are as slow as possible.

Japanese culture is often extremely shameful when it comes to public affection. Japanese mail order brides try to hide things like kisses, hugs, and even holding hands from the public.

It is impossible to write a guide on how to conquer the Japanese because Japanese wives are all different. A Japanese wife from Osaka is very different from a Japanese wife from Tokyo or Okinawa.

The best and most important tip is getting to know the Japanese wife, showing interest in her, and being her friend. If you get to know each Japanese wife individually, you can win them over! Even so, we hope the tips in this article will help you get an idea of ​​what to do when trying to attract a Japanese girl.

Getting a Japanese Wife: Common Myths

Many people think that the Japanese are cold people, which is one of the greatest myths of humanity. The big truth is that the Japanese are always taught to put others before themselves.

A friend from Japan is unlikely to explode, revealing her feelings and anger. You have to be very attentive to know what the Japanese wife is thinking about you. If you are in a relationship with a Japanese woman, you will understand that she is unlikely to reveal it even if she is very angry about something. Since this cannot be applied to all ladies from Japan, you may have a chance to attract a woman from Japan who speaks whatever she thinks.

Another mistake is thinking that you have no chance with a Japanese wife because you are not from Japan. Ladies from Japan prefer foreigners precisely because they are not that shy.

  • Is it true that parents from Japan do not approve of relationships with foreigners? Many parents are indeed conservative, but most parents try to see if the applicant is properly prepared for a relationship. They usually look at their job, financial situation, customs, and culture. Just be respectful, and everything will be fine!
  • Despite the custom of not showing affection in public, that doesn’t mean you won’t find such things on the street. There are still many young people who are not conservative at all. So, when in Japan, don’t be surprised by things like this.
  • You should be aware of the traditional tips for attracting a Japanese wife. As a rule, girls from different countries are pretty similar in many aspects.
  • So, you should consider the famous cliché tips on how to be elegant, gentle, and sociable. You have to let go of the shame, create opportunities and make the Japanese wife laugh (that’s the key). Don’t try that too hard; otherwise, you may scare her away.

Points for Success

We want to end this article by making a checklist of items that we have covered. This will allow you to make a brief summary of the main points to consider when conquering and dating a lady from Japan or any other girl regardless of nationality. So, here is the list of things to remember.

  • Be yourself.
  • Be moderate.
  • No Japanese wife is the same, be ready for it.
  • Ladies from Japan are shy, shameful, and fearful.
  • Parents are not a problem.
  • Women from Japan do not usually express their feelings.
  • You need to understand and respect their culture if you are interested in a wedding.
  • It would help if you learned the basics of the native language of your loved one.
  • You have to know what she likes to use this knowledge when dating or during online communication.
  • You have to be patient and take it slow.
  • Treat the Japanese wife like a princess, make small presents, etc.
  • Don’t be too shy: local sweeties like brave men.
  • Spend a lot of time with a Japanese wife, become her friend – that’s the guarantee of success.
  • Do not put the Japanese wife under pressure.
  • Don’t forget the important dates.
  • Don’t try too hard: it may result in scarring the Japanese wife away.


Nowadays, the chances of finding the ideal partner are higher than ever. No matter what you are looking for: be it a one-night affair or a serious relationship with a Japanese wife from another continent, you can easily find it with the help of the Internet. So, good luck!

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