Japanese Dating App

Japanese Dating App

Nowadays people use online applications for relationships a lot. The users’ intentions become more and more diverse. They use dating applications for casual dating, meeting interesting people in the new city, or finding someone for serious relationships. In Japan, online dates are also very popular. There are many different applications with various features that help people meet each other much faster and more effectively.

If you are a foreigner in Japan, applications for relationships can be very helpful. What place in Japan gives you the opportunity to meet that many people like it makes a Japanese dating app? In this article, we will talk about the most popular dating apps in Japan. What is the best app for foreigners here? How much does it cost? Keep with us and find answers to all these questions.

Top Popular Applications in Japan

There are dozens of applications for dating available in Japan. They provide similar services, and it might be hard to choose the right one if you want to try online dating for the first time. We explored a lot of different applications and users feedback to understand what services are the most popular in Japan. Here is our list of top-6 popular applications for relationships.

Tinder – Most Popular Dating App

Tinder japenese app

We can say that it is the most popular dating app in the world. In Japan people also like this platform and use it to meet new people for dating and friendship. Tinder supports people finding not only a boyfriend or girlfriend but also friends or company to spend time together. With the Japanese Tinder app, you can easily meet people to make your life in Japan more interesting.

It is not a problem to find a match here. The interface is intuitive which allows every new user to quickly understand how it works. You can choose age and distance preferences and your location for a more effective search. The service will also send you questions about different topics, like your favorite holiday, movies, activities. Depending on your answers, you will see people who match your expectations and have the same interests.

Bumble – Top App Catering to Needs of iOS Users

Bumble app page

This application became highly popular in Japan, and it’s not surprising. The creators wanted to develop a unique application not only for casual dating. You can use Bumble also for making friends, business networking, searching for serious relationships. Choose what you are searching, and the app service will show you people with the same intentions.

Another unique feature of Bumble is that women here are acting first. If you are a man and have a match with a girl, you can’t write to her first. She has 24 hours to make the first move, or your match will disappear. This concept distinguishes Bumble from other dating apps. Many male users like that women make the first move here because it’s always a good sign that she is really interested in you.

OkCupid – A Japanese Version of Tinder

OkCupid page

The website and its related app combine the Tinder simple swiping technology with modern searching algorithms for a better and faster matching process. During account creation, every new user can answer several questions about their preferences, lifestyle, and expectations from searching. In this way, this Japanese dating app understands what person you want to meet and offers only the most suitable users to you. OkCupid is great both for serious relationships and short-term dating.

JapanCupid – Japanese Dating App Focused on Serious Dating

JapanCupid main page

It is a popular in Japan dating app that isn’t used in other countries. Here you can find more serious relationships. In the JapanCupid app, you can add a lot of personal information to your profile like physical traits, education, employment, interests, age, bad habits, and much more. You can also describe who you are interested in by filling out the same criteria.

JapanCupid Japanese dating app has a lot of local men and women. It is good for those who are interested in serious relationships or marriage with a Japanese partner. The only problem many users note during the searching is a lot of fake accounts. Some people try to look better online than they are in real life, and it complicates dating sometimes.

Badoo – Japan Dating App Focusing on Mature Singles

Badoo app

This app is available in many countries, and Japan is not the exception. Users like Badoo for its security system, easy-in-use interface, and various ways to communicate. This app was created to find people around you. Here you can meet new friends or someone for a date. Because it is an international service, foreigners also like to use Badoo in Japan.

The service guarantees safe communication for users in many ways. For example, everyone has to upload at least one photo to the account before starting a conversation with other users. You can enjoy chatting with interesting people without worrying that they are fake.

Pairs – Japanese Dating App for Foreigners

Pairs main page

Pairs dating app is another Japanese service for online dating. This relatively bare bones app becomes more and more popular every year and has a lot of users. For registration, you can use your Facebook account. It helps the Pairs app take care of users’ safety by reducing fake profiles and showing only real people to you.

Pairs Japanese dating app is totally free for women. It attracts a lot of female users, but male members also like to use this dating service. This app is perfect for those who are interested in long-term dating and know the Japanese language because there is no English version.

Best Dating Apps for Foreigners

As a foreigner, you might be wondering what app in Japan will give you more chances to find interesting people for a date or just friendship. When you’re living abroad, you can meet problems in communication because of a language barrier, cultural differences, or other reasons. The right choice of Japanese dating app for foreigners will make your searching and communication more effective. We divide Japanese apps into several types, depending on the reasons people want to meet each other there. Let’s take a look at the best apps for foreigners in Japan and understand how they fit different intentions.

Where Can You Find Japanese Singles?

Japanese people use different platforms to meet a perfect partner, but several have a larger number of locals than the other apps. Here we describe some applications where you can meet Japanese singles. Which one to choose depends on your goal. What do you expect from the date?

Dating Without Long-Term Plans

If you want to meet a fun-loving person for walking, talking, visiting interesting places together, or enjoying favorite food somewhere, you should try Tinder, Bumble, or Hatch. We mentioned the first two applications earlier, they are highly popular in Japan and have a lot of users who can speak English. It is a good choice if you don’t know Japanese. Hatch dating app is similar to Bumble with the “women go first” system and popular with young males and females. Every user here can also choose the color status that means whether you expect serious relationships or want to spend a good time in a good company.

Serious Relationships

In case you’re seeking a Japanese partner who is ready to build long-term relationships or get married, try to find the perfect match with JapanCupid or Pairs platforms. The first one is created to connect Japanese singles with foreigners. The second one is one of the most famous applications in Japan. All users of Pairs are real and are interested in relationships. You need to know Japanese to use it because there is no English version.


Tinder and Bumble are good not only for dating. There you can also find new friends in Japan. Another platform for friendship finders is the MeetUp app. It is the ultimate app to meet people with the same interests or join different communities and events. The next one is a Dine app, the unique service to meet people in cafes, restaurants, and bars. Dine app lets you describe your favorite places, like other users, and spend time together in a great place.

Online Japanese Dating Free of Charge

Almost in all popular applications for relationships, you can create accounts, browse and communicate free of charge. But sometimes you need to pay for some features or a monthly subscription. Let’s figure out which services are free and which you have to pay for.

Is There a Free Japanese Dating App?

As we said, there are a lot of free platforms where you don’t need to pay for any basic features like sending messages or using video chat. Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Badoo give you an opportunity to enjoy browsing and communication without any charges. You can purchase a monthly subscription that doesn’t really affect basic functions, just unblock some additional settings. Another one is Hatch – a totally free Japanese dating app that has a lot of great features. Everyone can enjoy a full feature set without any limits or extra fees.

Japanese Dating App

Paid Subscription: Is It Any Good?

Most of the free platforms have an in app payment system that provides you with extra features for communication. The price and provided additional services differ from app to app. For example, in the Pairs app, men can’t send messages without a paid subscription. With this rule, the free version doesn’t make any sense for men.

But how about Tinder and Bumble where most of the features are free? The main advantage of the subscription to one of these services is the opportunity to search for people not only in your region but also in other countries. It can be helpful if you are seeking a Japanese partner while living in another country. But getting a paid subscription to a dating app in Japan seems useless.

How to Meet Japanese Singles via Dating Applications

If you’re not familiar with Japanese dating culture, meeting Japanese singles might end with a partner ghosting you. To avoid such situations, you need to understand the basics of dating culture in Japan. Couples here don’t show their affection in public because they value privacy. Also, Japanese people tend to show their affection without talking about it out loud. For western people, Japanese partners can seem shy, but they just prefer to date without big words about love. Instead, they find attention and caring for the better confession of love.

Knowing this, you can experience dating with Japanese women or men without worrying about cultural differences. But how to use Japanese dating apps for successful dating? Here is a guide to meet Japanese singles via applications for relationships:

Choose the Right Japanese Girlfriend App

It is essential for successful searching because one app can better fit for building a strong relationship and another for meeting new friends. Understanding what you want to find helps to choose the best app catering to your needs.

Keep In Mind the Dating Customs

Even if you communicate only via an app, don’t forget about the shyness of Japanese people, value their privacy, and don’t rush things.

Show Your Affection

As we mentioned earlier, it is the best way to let your partner understand your feelings. Telling about your affection is also a good idea. Even though Japanese partners don’t tend to talk about love out loud, they would be happy to listen to your confession.


It is not a problem to meet people in Japan via applications for relationships. Now, the goal of searching is not only dating. You can use platforms to find friends, like-minded people, build strong relationships, or get married. Use a Japanese girlfriend app like JapanCupid to find a beautiful girl for relationships, or use best for finding a Japan friend app like MeetUp or Tinder. Here are a lot of dating applications, and we hope they will help you find friends or love.

Frequently Asked Questions About Japanese Dating App

Where Can I Meet Japanese Singles?

If you live in Japan, you can meet someone in different public places like bars, cafes, or festivals. But the most effective way to meet Japanese singles is to use popular in Japan applications for relationships: Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Pairs, or Badoo. All you need is to find a user you like and start a conversation.

What Dating Applications Do Japanese Singles Use?

The most popular dating apps in Japan are Pairs, MeetUp, Tinder, Bumble OkCupid, JapanCupid, Badoo, and Hatch. They have many features for communication, a lot of users are seeking a date, friendship, relationship, or even marriage. Try them and find your match!

What Is the Best Dating App in Japan?

There are two applications that are the best for dating in Japan: Tinder and Bumble. Tinder is an international application that helps people find each other for communication, dating, or relationship with a simple swiping system. Bumble attracts people with the system where girls make the first move and the opportunity to choose for what you use this application - dating, friendship, or business networking.

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