Exhaustive & Impartial Review of AmourFeel.com [2023]

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You can try a great dating site by referring to many different reviews. Today we will talk specifically about the AmourFeel dating site so that you find your soul mate and thereby gain a new experience. AmourFeel.com is a decent dating site used by single males and females from all over the world. AmourFeel reviews are the place to be if you want to know more information about this online platform. 

What is AmourFeel? This is an amazing and user-friendly dating website that has many positive ratings, reviews, and convenient communication options. This is a great dating website that is known all over the world. Moreover, Amour Feel offers you only tempting offers and acceptable terms of use that are appropriate to every decent dating website on the international scene.

AmourFeel main page

About AmourFeel Website

?MembersMore than 11,800 singles online
♀ / ♂ 80%/48%
⌛ Age Distribution 19-35 y.o.
? Good forPretty single girls seeking serious men & Western men seeking real dates for long-term relationships
?Not forMarried girls, couples, easy flirting, fun

Amour Feel Membership Base

The membership base of the AmourFeel dating site is so diverse that you can find girls from all over the world there. This way, you will meet both Asian and Slavic girls from Eastern European countries and even girls from Latin America. Among the number of these charming ladies (who have already downloaded the AmourFeel app) are satisfied singles who search for men from Western countries. After all, they are ready to give them their love and new experience. 

How does AmourFeel work? It’s much easier if you stumble upon the hottest girls to create long-lasting relationships and find sincere love. You just have to make an attempt to AmourFeel sign up to create your account and see how diverse the membership base of this dating platform is. In this way, you will get a new online dating experience with the most suitable single girl. Arrange your real date with one of the single ladies online!


Amour Feel Dating Site at a Glance

  • Fast & free registration on AmourFeel dating site saves you time; 
  • Excellent navigation system that Amour Feel dating website offers;
  • Diverse & interesting membership base consisting of the hottest and most attractive women from Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America to arrange a real date in the future; 
  • Well-filled AmourFeel profiles of women from all over the world with real photos on the dating website; 
  • Quality communication features on the Amour Feel dating website (including AmourFeel online chat) coming into a real date; 
  • Credit payment system on AmourFeel dating site; 
  • Every woman is outgoing and helps you get a new dating online experience; 
  • Well-thought-out AmourFeel dating app; 
  • Fair AmourFeel cost.

Women Profile Quality of the AmourFeel Dating Site 

If you are looking for a real and serious woman, then you can go to AmourFeel! This is an excellent dating platform that offers only verified and high-quality profiles of women from all over the world. On this dating site, you will find well-filled profiles. Each girl using the Amour Feel service carefully describes her biography in her profile as well as the purpose of being on the website. Also, every single girl using AmourFeel is quite active on the site and can independently take steps toward free communication with the man she likes. In order not to waste time, just choose a girl that suits your parameters and preferences to arrange a real date further!

AmourFeel features

The visual component of the profile of a girl using AmourFeel plays a huge role. After all, photos are the first thing we see when scrolling through profiles on AmourFeel. The gallery has clear requirements on the website. In the AmourFeel photos, you will see a girl who often smiles, uploads a high-quality selfie, and uploads a photo in which she stands in full growth. This helps any Amour Feel woman not only to please the chosen man but arrange a real date.

Another little note from dating expert Frances Keller: 

“No selfies, no duck lips, no sunglasses, no hats, no face coverings — no cheating.” 

For a man (who quickly flips through AmourFeel women profiles in search of a one-night stand) the description of the girl’s profile is not so important. Still, if you’re looking for something more serious, the girl on the Amour Feel website understands that she should drop a line about herself. One of the most important conditions for a successful experience in the AmourFeel dating app is what the girl indicates in her description.

AmourFeel members

Pros & Cons of Amour Feel

Before we dive into the analysis of AmourFeel, let’s take a closer look at the general facts about this website. Indeed, AmourFeel is one of the best adult websites for finding relationships with women for a real date. However, nothing can be perfect, as each platform has both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we want you to know what to expect from using this online service based on our credible AmourFeel review. 


  • Optimized & well-designed AmourFeel online chat; 
  • Fast AmourFeel sign in; 
  • Only the most detailed & numerous collection of irresistible women from Russia and other countries of Eastern Europe; 
  • AmourFeel women profiles are detailed & informative (you can learn a lot about your potential woman without even contacting her directly); 
  • Lots of free features: registration, making of profiles, access to public photos, and more with the use of credits;
  • Many AmourFeel ladies have decent English level (you won’t need to spend money on translators and thus save your time before the real date); 
  • Free viewing of the profiles of the hottest women on AmourFeel. 


  • To chat with a girl, you have to spend credits; 
  • No ability to boost your profile;
  • No video communication (only mail and chat) among the communication tools.
AmourFeel girl profile

Reasons Why You Should Try AmourFeel

AmourFeel is exactly the site that will lead you to successful undertakings. This is a great dating site that you can test today. There are many good reasons why singles from all over the world choose AmourFeel.com. There are several good reasons for this which we have highlighted below.

Quality & Detailed Women Profiles

If you go to AmourFeel, you will notice many expressive profiles. Every girl using this online service knows how to date men correctly and therefore chooses the path of creating a high-quality profile. In the female profile, you will not see anything superfluous but interesting and necessary information only for visitors to her account.

Most Diverse Female User Base

AmourFeel offers the choice of potential candidates to be much larger than in real life. Possibly, we can meet hundreds or even thousands of people on the streets. But in most cases, it is unlikely that any of us stare at every passerby as a potential love partner. Therefore, on a dating site, you can get acquainted with irresistible Oriental and European ladies in more depth. Still, there will be absolutely more of them than those women you would meet in a day!

AmourFeel do you like

Defined Basic & Advanced Search Criteria

A definite advantage of this site and application is that a well-thought-out system allows you to set the search criteria for a potential partner that suits you best. Every person who makes AmourFeel login fills out a questionnaire about oneself, indicating hobbies, interests, etc. One also indicates who he or she would like to find according to personal desires. Accordingly, the automatic system of the platform processes all these aspects and offers you profiles of only those users who suit you according to certain parameters. This is a very handy feature because you find singles with similar interests that you would be interested in talking to. 

Saving Your Time

AmourFeel saves time for every user. You can meet and chat with new singles online at any time convenient for you regardless of location. This is a very convenient way in the modern world of virtual addiction. Adults are constantly on the move, and there is not always time to personally go somewhere to get acquainted and communicate. Therefore, this online service is your indispensable option! 

Preliminary Preparation for a Real Date

Through Internet dating, it is more convenient to prepare for a real date. If you meet a person for the first time, such a meeting can cause a lot of stress and excitement. But if you get to know each other through the Internet, you have time for communication online: get to know each other better and understand whether the real date makes sense at all. Thus, you can save time if you first chat with a person through the AmourFeel dating application and realize that this is definitely not your option for a face-to-face meeting.

AmourFeel do you like

Dating Experts’ Opinions & Real Men Success Stories

What if not only our truthful review will show you the true path? There are quite a few dating experts who will open your eyes to many things in terms of choosing a decent platform. AmourFeel also entered the list of noticed websites with incredible terms of use.

Experts’ Opinions

Michael Greensail | Entrepreneur

“While testing AmourFeel, an online service for international dating, I found a lot of useful communication functions there and not only. This is a wonderful platform if you are looking for either a romantic relationship or a serious one. I do not have much time to meet in person, so I decided to try this particular adult service. I found an acceptable package that I subscribed to in order to open more features. Moreover, you can accumulate certain bonuses and spend them like credits. I haven’t found a soul mate yet but the variety of female profiles on the website is really impressive!” 

Adam Mitgleid | CEO Specialist

“Well, it’s time to share my personal experience. There were several worthy platforms on my list but my mind prompted me to choose AmourFeel.com. This is an original platform that serves for convenient everyday communication as well as virtual encounters turning into real dates. The platform has several convenient support communication functions to get in touch with other users such as live chat and emails. Everything works quite well and so far I have not had any problems. Still, it is also worth paying attention to the functionality of the site that does not require changes.” 

AmourFeel do you like

Richard Benzoni | Lawyer 

“When I broke up with my wife, I wanted something new! So I began to actively use online dating sites. I wondered if there really was a guarantee that you could find a mate on the Internet. My experience was not big enough until I began to regularly use such sites. AmourFeel is what I liked! Its navigation and simple interface are quite pleasing. Apart from that, a huge user base with high-quality female profiles is a big advantage of the service!”

Men’s Success Stories

Roy Smith

“Being completely unaware of love relationships, I was badly burned when I was in a relationship with a lady named Karelia. The girl was quite obstinate, and relations with her, unfortunately, reached a dead end. To be honest, I don’t know why she got me hooked, but the girl really did not love me sincerely.

So after a certain period of stagnation, I decided to meet another girl on one of the dating sites. And what pleasantly surprised me, everything worked for me! I began to correspond with several girls and chose a pretty Asian called Samantha. Her original photos and pleasantness in communication was the first thing I liked about her.

In the continuation of our communication, we met in real life and fell in love with each other even more. Now we are married and have a daughter – our little princess Sophie.”

AmourFeel do you like

Thomas Ward 

“The most memorable date I had was thanks to communication on AmourFeel. After several successful attempts to start a dialogue with hot divas, I managed to meet one and only. A girl with a rare name Albina (Russian woman), became for me the standard of female beauty and attractiveness. She seemed to me pretty cute in online chat, but then we decided to meet in person. I was passing through St. Petersburg at that time and offered the girl to meet with such a wonderful opportunity. We immediately liked each other, and soon I offered the girl to marry me. Now I’m waiting for her approval, and I hope that this is my woman. My love.My universe. Nothing will now replace this beauty for me because I have never met such a sincere and beautiful woman like her”.

Albert Reed 

“A spontaneous dialogue on a dating site has dramatically changed my personal life. I met a young athlete named Vanessa who shone on AmourFeel.com. She was quite active then. I discovered her outstanding profile with amazing photos and thus decided to “wink her”. The girl winked at me in response, and without thinking twice, I wrote a greeting message to her. It would seem that everything started from a banal correspondence but ended with our official marriage! I am very pleased that I gained not only tremendous experience but met a dream woman who then became my loyal and loving wife.”

AmourFeel message

Main Communication Features

AmourFeel offers two main ways to communicate with other members that you can try today. Among them, you may try convenient live chat and messages via e-mail. There are also additional communication tools. For example, you can wink at a user you like or add an outstanding member to your favorites list. Just click on the correct icon on another member’s profile page to perform this action. You may also send stickers to make communication more interesting. You may also send virtual gifts and flowers to your new acquaintances like friends and potential online lovers. These are not just virtual gifts but a real opportunity to make a contact with a suitable match! Gifts will be sent directly to the member’s address if the location is available.

Live Chat

This applies to the basic functions of instant messaging. Send a message to your potential soulmate through the profile page. You can save your previous conversations with a member using the “Messages” tab to find the desired message or continue your live chat. Search results have a “chat” button below the member’s profile photo. Click on it to enter the chat window. You can read messages for free but then you will be charged at least two credits per minute of communication for replying or sending a new message in the chat. 


This applies to messages like emails that have a subject and a body. Reading mails on this website from other members is absolutely free. But keep in mind that sending mails costs 10 credits for the first letter and 30 credits for the next one. You can also attach photos and videos to your emails, but the recipient will need additional credits to view them. It will cost you about 10 credits per photo and approximately 50 credits per attached video. To send emails, go to the profile page of the adult member you like to find the mail icon there. You may also go to the “mail” tab located at the top of the site page to find the user in your list. Keep in mind that your messages remain in your inbox only for a month after the last message was sent.

AmourFeel virtual gifts

Our Recommendations 

In order to achieve decent results in making long-lasting relationships, you need to follow some guidelines. Thus, you will get a new experience and be able to safely use the platform knowing all about its tricks and pitfalls.

Don’t Leave it For Later

Your profile should be as detailed as possible, as this will bring more benefits to you. Do not leave filling out the profile completely for later: the more information it includes, the more successful your new online acquaintance will be. 

Prevent Scam

To prevent unwanted scammers, it is enough to follow basic precautions. Never give anyone your personal and contact information: email, mobile phone number, address of residence, place of work, etc. Also, never make suspicious transactions for other users or share your credit card information.

Do Not Turn Notifications Off

If you leave all notifications off (including those sent to your email address), then you will not be able to keep up with all the events that occur in your virtual environment. Still, it’s a good idea to turn on all notifications (or the important ones), so you know when you’ve received a message or someone has liked you. This is a simple scheme that will keep you noticed and increase your website activity.

AmourFeel message

Free & Paid Options

Like most other top online dating websites, you may choose between paid and free features. It all depends on your capabilities, desires, and preferences. You can pay for the functions using credits as the platform system offers.

Free Features

  • View profiles of other members;
  • Create an account; 
  • Registration;
  • Likes;
  • Winks;
  • Advanced search filter.

Paid Features

  • Unlimited messages
  • Live stream; 
  • Sending gifts; 
  • Sending photo files.
  • Sending video files.
AmourFeel credits


20 Credits (First)$0.4 per credit$9.99
50 Credits (Basic)$0.39 per credit$19.99
125 Credits (Standart)$0.35 per credit$44.99
250 Credits (Premium)$0.27 per credit$69.99


Our reliable review on AmourFeel will bring some clarity to your choice of the most affordable dating site. This is an indispensable site with a convenient mobile application that allows you to find the most suitable partner. Thanks to advanced search filters and convenient communication tools, you can get in touch with the girl you like the most.


Is AmourFeel a Legit Website?

If you read the terms of use of the site in more detail, you will see that the site is actually legal. This information is also evidenced by the privacy policy of the Amourfeel chat online platform.

How Much Does It Cost to Use Amour Feel?

On average, you will pay $9.99 or more depending on the type of paid package. You can pay for services using credits offered by the website system.

Does AmourFeel Have a Mobile App?

Amour Feel offers both a mobile version and an application. The Amour Feel application is quite convenient for everyday use if the PC version does not suit you in any way.

Which Girls Can I Meet on AmourFeel?

You will find there the most diverse, hot, and attractive girls from all over the globe! You will meet incredible Slavic ladies, lovely Asians, and stunning Latin Americans.

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