Exhaustive and Impartial Review of AsianMelodies 2024 

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When you want to meet a partner from Asia, there are specific dating sites you need to consider, and AsianMelodies as one of them. Through this Asian Melodies review, we will learn much more about the dating site and how it can assist those looking for love. We will give an unbiased review of the service that Asian Melodies gives its users. You can find out through this AsianMelodies review if it is the right dating site for your needs. So let’s get on with looking at what this dating platform has to offer single guys looking for a relationship. 

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The Main Points About Asian Melodies 

Number of users1,500,000
Gender distribution70% females, 30% males
Average age of women25 years of age
CountriesJapan, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam
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Who Should Definitely Use Asian Melodies?

Using a site like this is perfect for those who are single and looking for sexy Asian girls. It is possible to locate ladies from various Asian countries, including Thailand, Korea, and Japan. It is a dating site where serious relationships are very much expected. The users and members of this site are searching for a committed partner and not a one-night fling. AsianMelodies is a fantastic place to date beautiful Asian women. Everyone knows how amazing Asian girls are and how they make traditional wives. This is precisely why using Asian Melodies is a great way to start meeting Asian ladies and start a new life. 

Asian ladies have an exotic beauty that you can not get anywhere else in the world. There are millions of western men who adore these women and dream of starting a life with them. The amount of profile pages that single guys can search through on this site is incredible. A date is never far away once you complete the Asian Melodies registration. Most single men signed up on the site are from the US, Canada, the UK, and parts of Europe. 


The good news is that countless girls are looking to move abroad and be with western men. Through this online dating site, they can make their dreams come to reality. You will find that many profile pages of ladies on the site have a verification badge connected to them to show that their ID has been verified. This makes all communication smooth and makes it less likely that you waste your time on a fake profile account. 

With millions of users from all over the globe, there are multiple reasons why clients love it. The AsianMelodies site gives every user an online dating experience they will never forget. We have created a list below of 3 reasons to check out the dating website. 

The customer support of the AsianMelodies dating site is available around the clock. They aim to always assist clients who have any type of online issue. The great thing about this support is users can use it without paying for any credits; it is a free service. It is possible to contact the customer support team via email. 


Many men admire Asian women, and for those guys, this site is perfect. There is a vast selection of sexy Asian women from various countries. These include Japan, Thailand, Korea, the Philippines, and Vietnam. When you are online at a site like Asian Melodies, you will have so many choices. Meeting a girl will not take long at all. 

Free features is what users look for when they head to a dating site online. Some users will not want to pay for credits or a monthly fee, so they look for free features. Fortunately, when you visit the AsianMelodies site, there are lots of cool dating features for free, such as sending winks and checking out the profile pages of other users, it is all free. Creating your profile page and adding users to your favorite list is also free. 

AsianMelodies site will suit you best if this is what you are looking for. Millions of users use this platform for many of these reasons. It is a convenient way to chat and communicate with sexy Asian ladies. There have been so many success stories over the years, and the platform gets even better with time. Clients from Canada and the US are constantly joining the site. What we liked is that there are so many opportunities to chat with women online. If you are single, you can not fail at an establishment like this. 

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Short Info About The Service

What makes Asian Melodies a site that you must try out? Well, there are several things. Firstly it has such a wide selection of sexy Asian girls you will not believe your eyes. The real opportunities users get to date beautiful exotic women are first class. Everything is conveniently laid out so users can search for the perfect partner. The list below has some reasons why so many clients love the AsianMelodies website. 

  • Free features – There is nothing better for a single man to see on a dating platform than lots of cool free features. That is precisely what users get when they enter the site. Users can search through profiles, register an account, and even make contact with helpful customer support staff. These features create a fun environment without even buying credits.
  • A great collection of sexy Asian ladies looking for western company. This is one of the main reasons single men visit the AsianMelodies platform. You will not have any trouble locating beautiful females looking for love. 
  • The credit payment system is an excellent way to pay on a dating site. There are no monthly fees; users will just pay for what they want to use on the site. It makes everything super simple and easy. 
  • Users also love using this dating website because of the 20 free credits after registration. This is a great benefit that AsianMelodies offers its new clients. 
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Asian Melodies Women Profiles Examples 

This is where the AsianMelodies site excels. There are numerous details on each profile page you will see through the dating website. This is ideal when you want to learn about each girl online. The staff of the dating site constantly keep profiles up to date and try their best to prevent any fake profiles from appearing on the site. In profiles, you can read information like whether the girl is fluent in English, occupation, hobbies, or religious beliefs. These details will give you a good idea of whether this girl could be a matching date for you. You will also find out their physical characteristics too. 

Most profile pages contain photos that are free for other users to view. But only using credits will allow users to view photos that are in a member’s private gallery. You may find some fake profiles on AsianMelodies, so it is a good idea to search through profile pages that contain a verification badge. This means the ID of this girl has been checked and verified. It will undoubtedly save you time, as fake accounts are just time wasters.

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The Most Popular Brides Map on Asian Melodies

Pros and Cons of Asianmelodies Dating Site 

We must now look at the positives and negatives of using the Asian Melodies website. Our job through these Asian Melodies reviews is to give all the details from the site. We can say that there are lots of great positives when using the establishment when looking for dates. The website offers a fast track to gaining an Asian woman in your life. It is far more accessible and more straightforward than real-life dating. So now let us look at what we believe are significant pros and cons of visiting the Asian Melodies dating site. 


  • Helpful customer support team
  • Easy-to-use platform 
  • Vast choice of beautiful Asian women
  • Many free features
  • Lots of verified profiles
  • Credits payment system
  • Possibility of sending gifts
  • Members can view videos 


  • Some fake profiles 
  • No application
  • No translation services

So there are two lists of the pros and cons of using the AsianMelodies site. The good news is that the pros far outweigh the cons, which is always good to see. Asian ladies are sought-after women because they believe in traditional values. So middle-aged men from America and Europe are keen on this type of female. Such sites like this are very popular amongst divorced men. It serves as an online dating experience you will never forget. 

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3 Reasons Why You Should Try Asianmelodies 

When you decide to use a dating platform, it is because you trust the site and you believe you can find what you are looking for there. When you visit Asian melodies, you get precisely that. The reason millions of users from all over the world enjoy using the website is apparent.

Real profiles, less scam

It has staff constantly trying to keep fake profiles off the site. Nothing is worse than using a dating establishment and finding countless bots and fake accounts. It is a complete waste of everyone’s time. So to use a site that keeps this number down is a great feature. Many profiles feature a verification badge which means the ID of this person has been checked and verified. 

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Convenient payment system

You also have to think about how this establishment allows its clients to pay for the services. The credit system for all payments is excellent. It gives every user the opportunity to only pay for what they use. There are no monthly subscriptions to pay; users will only pay for the number of credits it costs to use a particular feature. This makes a big difference to the online dating experience. 

Free features 

The third reason Asian Melodies dating is a wise choice is the number of free features you can use. Without any form of payment, users can search through the profiles of beautiful ladies online. It is possible to send winks to those you like the look of online. We have found this a wonderful way of connecting with those you want to chat with.

What is the key factor that makes Asian Melodies dating site so popular?

Modern men are turning to dating sites for a variety of reasons, including convenience, accessibility, efficiency, and the ability to explore a wide range of romantic options. Here are 4 key reasons why modern men are using Asian Melodies dating site.

High level of reliability and security.

Asian Melodies dating site provides a safe and secure environment for modern men to connect with potential partners, with features such as verified profiles and built-in reporting tools to help prevent harassment and abuse.

High convenience of use.

Dating site Asian Melodies allows modern men to communicate with potential partners from the comfort of their homes, which saves them from having to spend time and energy visiting dating bars and clubs.

Availability and variability.

Availability and variability.

High efficiency.

The dating site Asian Melodies uses algorithms and matching tools to help modern men find a compatible partner quickly and easily, allowing them to focus on making a connection rather than endlessly scrolling through profiles.

AsianMelodies: Dating Experts Opinions And Real Men Success Stories

We have got the views of some dating experts and also some men who have found real love through the AsianMelodies dating site. They have shared their ideas and opinions on the website, so let’s read what they say. 

Experts’ Opinions

“There may not be a mobile app, but you can still access the mobile site through a browser. The choice of Asian women from various countries waiting to meet western men here is impressive. The free features are vast, so you do not need to pay anything. But using credits is recommended as it allows for better access to the site.”

— Robbie Chichister, dating expert

“Using many online dating sites, I found asianmelodies.com smooth and easy to use. The registration only takes a few minutes allowing you to get on with searching for a date. If you want to find an Asian girl, this is a place to use.”

— John Vain, dating expert

“Asian Melodies website is a pleasure from start to finish. There are many verified profiles pages, which is always great to see, plus the women are from all over Asia. All of this makes the dating experience on the site excellent. You can use free features or choose to use credits. You will find someone you fancy here for sure.”

— Lara Swift, dating coach
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Asian Melodies Dating Site Real Love Stories

Success Story #1 Image
Gary and Nim AsianMelodies logo
I feel fortunate that I used the Asian Melodies dating site. I started chatting with a women from Japan, and we are still talking now 6 months on. We are dating online and will meet up next week for the first time. I can say that the Asian melodies dating site has saved me from a life alone. I never thought I would meet a woman until I started chatting with Nim. Thanks to the fabulous options that exist on the site, it was easy to meet an Asian lady. I can recommend online dating with Asian Melodies. 
Success Story #2 Image
Richard and Gui AsianMelodies logo
I was single for over 6 years until I decided to use Asian melodies.com. I found it fantastic, and it was only a month after using the site that I found Gui. We got on so well and chatted all night. The communication tools on the website are brilliant. I was lucky that Gui was good with English, so it was easy. We are now living together in the Philippines, and I could not be happier. We plan on starting a family very soon. I feel like the luckiest man alive. 

Main Communication Features on asianmelodies.com 

The ways of making contact and getting communication started through the platform are plentiful. It is the main part of any online dating platform to grant access to people from all over the globe to chat with each other. So the list below shows some ways communication through the platform works. 


A brilliant way to start chatting with someone you admire on the website. It is fast and easy to send a message, and through instant messaging, it is in real-time. There is probably no easier way to make the first move than this method of communication. 

Virtual gifts

When you want to impress a woman, there is no better way than to send her a gift. This is a paid feature, so that you will need credits, but well worth the effort. You can send flowers, chocolates, whatever you like. The establishment will arrange all the delivery details for you. A sure way to impress your date. 

Sending media files

Send a video of yourself to the females you like. This is a paid feature and is a fantastic method of showing yourself off to your new woman. The site offers this service in return for credits. 

AsianMelodies credits

Our Recommendations For Best Experience With asianmelodies.com 

These tips will assist every user of the online dating platform in having the ultimate experience online. Our Asianmelodies reviews have given us a good understanding of what works well on the website. So check out our recommendations below for a smooth dating site experience. 

Contact those women who are verified

This will prevent you from wasting your time on fake accounts. If you see photos that look too good to be true, it probably is. You always want to see a verification badge on the profile page; then, you know everything is above board. 

Correctly fill in your profile page

You want to add your physical characteristics, height, hair color, age, etc. You also want to specify what type of lady you are interested in date. The more details you add, the more attention your page will get. 

Turn on notifications 

Notifications will help you with contacting like-minded users. It will also allow you to see who is online when you are on the dating site. It will certainly assist you in meeting people. 

AsianMelodies pricing

Now let’s check prices. Please take a look at the available packages that you can buy with your Visa or Mastercard whenever you need. 



Our Asianmelodies review has now come to an end. We have discovered that the site is full of features which make dating online a pleasure. The cost is fair and reasonable, and the credit payment system is very convenient. We were delighted with the number of Asian ladies we saw who were verified. This makes the platform a place where love can happen.

Online dating is now the most popular method of dating. So using sites such as this will only get more popular in the future. So it is suggested you get used to finding love online. If Asian women are your thing, there is no better website around. 


Is Asian Melodies a legit website?

Countless females are waiting to chat and meet with foreign men here. You have secure payment technology through the site, which protects each user's sensitive data. With so many success stories from Asian melodies, you are never far away from a date online.

How much does it cost to use Asian Melodies?

There is the possibility to use it for free, or you can pay for credits. Credit is a better method as you will increase your chances of getting connected with a date. The credits can be bought in packages for as little as $9.99 for 20 credits. This can rise to over $99 for over 100 credits.

Does Asian Melodies have a mobile app?

Currently, there is no mobile application available for Asian melodies. But if you prefer using your mobile to search for love, you can go through your mobile browser. It is seamless, and you get all the benefits of the desktop version. Dating on the go is convenient for everyone nowadays and possible with this establishment.

Which girls can I meet on Asian Melodies?

There is no secret if you are looking for exotic beauties from Asian countries, look no further. Asian melodies have a wide selection of sexy girls from various countries, including China, Japan, the Philippines, and Thailand, to name just a few. You will get all your needs met if you desire Asia females.

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